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Profiles on flipMD help to share all of the details about you as a user to give more information to either client or consultant prior to working with each other. It's important to spend a little time at the start filling in this information to avoid redundancy in communication and missed opportunities for collaboration. Below is what you need to know whether you are a client or a consultant on the flipMD platform.

Client Profiles

As a client, we encourage you to share a little bit about yourself or your business on your client profile. Here you can enter a summary about yourself or your company, choose which job categories you'll likely be posting, enter your location and current time, list your current job title, or if you're a student you could simply put student and the name of your school. As well you also might want to upload documents relevant to the jobs that you're posting or a link to your company website. You also have the option to upload a video introduction to tell potential consultants a little bit about yourself or the company that is needing their help.

Read more about Managing Your Client Account.

Consultant Profiles

As a consultant, we encourage you to fill in all of the details of your profile, upload a photo and/or a video introduction, link your networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Doximity, ResearchGate), update your location and current time, and most importantly enter an About me summary and set an hourly rate. You'll be able to adjust your hourly rate to each job you submit a proposal for based on the job's specifications, so you should think of this as a base rate or typical rate. Use the profile progress bar to help you through each section. All of the fields on the consultant profile can be viewed and filtered by the clients, so the more information you have filled in, the more the search engine will populate your name as a potential candidate. You can also upload a downloadable CV for clients to review.

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