Find Work

When you log in to flipMD you'll be directed to the Find Work dashboard where all Open jobs are currently listed. From here you'll be able to read a short description of the job post, see an hourly rate range or a fixed price, and estimated project span. The post will also include the training level of the candidate the client is looking for and the number of proposals received. 

Jobs travel through a few statuses to know about:

  • Open: Available for new proposals until the end of bidding or positions filling. The client can set a bidding end date to limit the number of applicants.
  • Awarded: Jobs that have been awarded to all positions available are no longer visible in Find Work, but if the job has been Awarded to you, you'll find this job now located in My Jobs under Awarded
  • Completed: Jobs where work has started, payment has been sent, and contracts have been Ended. You will only see the ones you have worked on.
  • Expired: You will not see these on the site but jobs do expire after 30 days if they have not been Awarded. 

Save Jobs

By clicking the heart icon you can Save a Job to your favorite listings and toggle to see this shortened list.

Requirements for Proposal Submission

You are required to have submitted your IDs for Verification, received approval, and connected your bank account Earning Details before submitting a proposal for a job. 

This is because when the Client clicks to Award you the job, Stripe connects your two accounts on the backend so that payment automatically flows to you once the client has accepted the work you've submitted. In addition, during this time Stripe checks all bank accounts for fraudulent activities and any dangers to our users or us as a company.