Fixed rate contracts

For fixed rate jobs, the project is funded at the point of hire of the consultant. For projects with milestones, the funds will leave for the first milestone only and then the Client will fund secondary milestones as the project progresses.

The process goes as follows:

  1. Client awards Consultant the job at agreed project rate.
  2. Consultant Accepts the job offer; which triggers funds to leave the Client's account for the agreed first milestone price or the full fixed budget where there are no milestones.
  3. Consultant does the work and messages to the client it is complete and supplies the required deliverables.
  4. Client clicks Accept and Pay the first milestone (or the full project) which triggers funds to release from Stripe to the Consultant. Client now clicks to Fund the next milestone. 
  5. Consultant completes milestone two.
  6. Client clicks Accept and Pay the milestone which triggers the pay out to Consultant. Client clicks Fund for milestone 3.
  7. At any time the Client can choose to Add Milestone and the Consultant will Accept Milestone, for any new requirements or work on the job.
  8. When all milestones or the full project have been paid out to the Consultant then you can message to End Contract and submit your job feedback.