Community Code of Conduct

The flipMD marketplace is a public space where both industry and the medical community collide to create a unique market of tremendous opportunity. which requires a certain level of professionalism from all within the broad flipMD community.

flipMD is committed to monitoring conduct and use of the site to ensure as best we can that the site is being used appropriately and as intended, and that the users of the site are acting with integrity. The below is meant to be a guide as to how you conduct yourself and use the site. Breaches are handled accordingly and could result in the termination of your account. Any questions should be sent to Users have the ability to report violations directly through the platform at any time.

You agree that you will:

    • act ethically and with integrity.
    • comply with all of flipMD's policies.
    • respect the rights of all users.
    • not abuse confidential or private information.
    • not disclose information or documentation you are granted access to.
    • be professional and constructive while providing feedback to other users
    • not engage in fraud or illegally transfer funds.
    • not participate in any other illegal practice.
    • not harass, bully, or discriminate.
    • not falsify your own or any other identity and will provide true and correct information.
    • not seek to communicate or receive payments off-site and not through the website features.
    • not agree to do work you are not capable of doing or available to complete.
    • not use flipMD to self-promote or advertise another business or service.
    • not interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of the site.
    • not share or request work or discussion seeking medical advice for the care of a patient.