Hourly-rate contracts

For hourly projects, you’ll agree with your consultant on an hourly rate which they will bill via the hourly log as work is completed. No funds are collected prior to work beginning.

The process goes as follows:

  1. Client awards Consultant the job at agreed hourly rate.
  2. Consultant Accepts the job offer. As Consultant does the work and collaborates with the client via the platform, they will log hours worked in the Hourly Log. Each submission is sent to the Client to approve.
  3. Client clicks Accept and Pay for each entry on the hourly log which triggers funds to leave the Client's account and payout to the Consultant's connected account.
  4. Hours are added and paid this way until the job is complete, at which time the contract can be ended by either party and feedback is submitted.

Upon receipt and approval of work, Clients must log on to the site and click “Accept and Pay” to release funds to the Consultant. If the Client does not log on to the site within 14 days of Consultant’s work being submitted for approval, the funds will be automatically released to the Consultant.