Product Release Notes

Below are the product release notes of improvements, bug fixes, and new features added each month to the flipMD platform that are of note. This is not the entire list of items that have changed, just some we'd like to draw your attention to. Thank you for continuing to be part of our growth. Please share your feedback to help us resolve issues quickly and grow the platform the best way we can to help our users!

September 2021 Relaunch:

For everyone

Streamlined, clean design. This one's hard to miss. We've redesigned the site from the ground up to incorporate a fresh, clean, and easy to understand design to help with navigation and sharing flipMD's story. 

Easier login and sign-up processes. We’ve simplified the sign-up and login processes. You can now sign up via Google and Facebook so you don’t have to manage additional usernames and passwords. We’ve also updated the onboarding steps to get you a head start on filling in your user profile to share with prospective clients and consultants.

Remodeled messenger tool. The most loathed feature of the old flipMD was our messenger tool. We put that thing to rest and shifted to an inbox-style tool that we think works really well.

For consultants

In-app referral program for physicians to Nominate a colleague. We’ve added a fully embedded referral program that allows consultants to suggest flipMD jobs to colleagues and friends outside the flipMD fam. Just click Nominate on any open flipMD job to send an email to any physician who you think would be a great fit for the gig.

Downloadable CV option. Instead of uploading and sharing your CV with each individual client, you can now upload a downloadable CV for all clients to view and access as they review your profile or job proposal submission.

Enhanced Member Perks. The Member Perks section now houses additional resources and benefits for our physician-consultant base. Be sure to check it out:

  • Referral Program. Here’s where you’ll find the status of any physician referrals you submit, as well as info on rewards you could receive for successful referrals.
  • Partners. FlipMD partners provide interesting and helpful services to physicians, and they're all personally vetted by our team. Check out the full list in the Partners section.
  • NextStop Map. NextStop is the ultimate local resource for relocating physicians and their families. In map format, access our national network of physician-recommended resources for realtors, mortgage lenders, financial advisors, and more—all with experience working with physician clients.
  • Events. See a full list of upcoming webinar events where we bring you special content and experts who help with topics outside clinical medicine but relevant to physicians at all career stages. 
  • Articles. Check out other recent blog articles on topics covering everything from financial planning and career-building to physician mental health and being married to medicine. 

For clients

Easier to use reporting. We’ve improved the payment reporting and export options so you can easily download all recent or historical transactions made through flipMD.

Improvements to workflow for multiple consultants. Many of our clients post projects that require hiring multiple physician consultants. We’ve updated some features to improve the flow and reduce the effort and time it takes to manage projects requiring more than two participants.

Expanded search and filter options to find consultants. We’ve added new filter options and the ability to save your personal preferences to streamline the process of finding great consultant candidates.


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